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GALA 2022

Local Community

With GALA returning to Peckham Rye on the Queen’s Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend in 2022 from 2 – 4 June, we’re keen to maintain our connection to the local community, and make sure that the event takes place with minimal disruption to park users, local residents and local businesses alike.


GALA is a three-day independent music, culture and arts festival showcasing some of the best food, drink and music from South East London and surrounding areas. This year will be the sixth edition of the event, and its fourth year at Peckham Rye.

The event will offer a variety of Peckham and South East London’s best loved artists, whilst also showcasing chefs, restaurants, breweries, record shops and club collectives in South London. GALA Festival will contribute a sense of community for the surrounding locals, whilst drawing new visitors to the area, to experience firsthand, what Peckham has to offer. There will be 4 intimately designed stages, featuring performances from a range of DJ’s and live acts to suit the events target markets.


Resident tickets

If you would like to attend GALA, the organisers are making discounted tickets available to residents. For GALA residents tickets are priced at £20+ booking fee.

To apply please send proof of address showing your full name and address in the same document to:


Due to the intimate nature of the event, resident tickets are limited and offered on a first come first served basis to those living locally.

Construction & Event Schedule

There will be production and contractor traffic on the build-up and break down days. The 2022 schedule below is subject to licence.

Pre-event build: Monday 23rd May – Wednesday 1st June (08:00 – 20:00 each day)

Live Event 1: Thursday 2nd June (11:30 – 22:30)

Live Event 2: Friday 3rd June (11:30 – 22:30)

Live Event 3: Saturday 4th June (11:30 – 22:30)

De-rig: Sunday 6th June – Thursday 10th June (08:00 – 20:00 each day)

Contingency: Friday 10th June (08:00 – 16:00)

Noise Management

The summary below shows times of amplified sound for the 2022 events.

Thursday 2nd June, Friday 3rd June, Saturday 4th June

Sound Check: 09:00 – 11:30

Live Event: 11:30: 22:30

To manage noise from the event we are working with independent consultants – F1: Acoustics to develop a Noise Management Plan, designed to minimise noise nuisance to local residents. F1: Acoustics are in contact with the council’s Environmental Health Department and will be monitoring noise levels throughout the event, both within the site and at agreed offsite locations. Their role is to ensure that the decibel levels agreed with the local authority are not exceeded.

If you experience any nuisance caused by noise during the event please call the Community Hot Line Number: 020 8191 1084

Waste management

A dedicated waste management team will be brought in to manage the onsite and offsite litter created by the Event. Their main responsibility will be litter collection in the areas surrounding the park, including roads and pavements. We will also provide external toilet facilities for festival goers in suitable locations on key access and egress routes.

A separate internal team is in place to keep the festival site clean during the festival and after the event. There will be no loading or unloading of onsite skips between 20:00 – 08:00 to minimise disruption to local residents.

If you see a build-up of litter due to the event, please feel free to contact us on the community hotline number provided. We will action this as soon as possible.

Ground management

A ground damage deposit is paid to Southwark Council. After the event break down the deposit will be used to ensure that the park is left in the same condition it was found. We will manage any required reinstatement works and ensure these are carried out promptly.


The Metropolitan Police are involved in the planning process for GALA Festival. Adequately qualified and competent SIA Security, and crowd safety stewarding professionals will be provided by a recognised security firm and will be on duty within the festival site and wider park.

Please feel free to approach them with any concerns as they are happy to help.

Community Event Manager

For this event, a dedicated Community Event Manager will be monitoring external waste and security teams and able to respond to resident queries and concerns promptly. To contact the Community Event Manager please email or call the hotline number during the live event.


The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the fragility of our previous ways of life, causing a devastating loss of life, financial insecurity and environmental issues. For us, this hiatus from normality gave us time to reflect on what’s important and how we want to return to Peckham Rye in a way that supports those who’ve suffered throughout the pandemic and reduces our impact on the planet.

We’ve developed a sustainability strategy to increase our positive impact and reduce our negative impact. We will be reporting on our progress every year to be transparent and accountable.

Our 2021 sustainability report can be found at

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