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We’re on a mission to make GALA as inclusive as it can be. This includes making the information around accessibility as useful as possible. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about accessibility at GALA. If you have any questions, please get in touch using the contact methods below. Hope to see you at GALA!


Contact Details

Access Information Contact: Daniel Lawson




66 Charlotte Road


Download Link (word doc)

You can download all the information on this page here


Venue Description

  • GALA is on Peckham Rye Park from the 2nd – 4th June. 
  • There is step-free access into the site.
  • The site is undulated and is approximately 1.2 km2 / 0.5 square miles.
  • The site is grass and could be difficult to get around in wet conditions.

Bookable Access Facilities + How to Apply (if applicable)

  • Companion/PA tickets available at no additional fee are available on request, please contact up on our access email address. We will not ask for evidence of accessibility requirements.
  • At all stages viewing areas will be available, to get a wrist band for a viewing area, please go to the welfare tent, if you would prefer welfare to come to you, please contact a security guard who can radio welfare to bring you a band.
  • To access the viewing areas, please ask a steward who will assist you to a location that will provide a view of the stage. These will be to the left or right side at the barrier or within the pit area inside the barrier.
  • The security guards present near the stages will be able to direct you and / or accompany you to a viewing platform / area.
  • There will be a limited availability of seating in the viewing areas for non-wheelchair users and personal assistants. Please contact us if this is a requirement.
  • From each stage there are accessible toilets within a 10m to 50m range
  • All accessible toilets have a code which can be given to you by a member of security who will be near the toilets. You can also get the code from the medical or welfare tents. We will also send this code out via email to ticket holders who have requested a free Companion/PA ticket.
  • There is no venue-specific parking. 

Travel Guide 

  • There is accessible parking on Colyton Road. It is also a bank holiday during the event so most parking spaces in the local area will be freely available.
  • Taxi drop-off points are 1 kilometre from the box office, the address for a taxi drop off is Strakers Road, London, SE15 3UA.
  • Please contact if you require access to the festival closer to the entrance.
  • The nearest train station is Peckham Rye, this is 1 mile from the entrance to the festival.

Arrival Guide

  • The site is open from the 2nd – 4th of June 2022 from 11.00 – 22:30 each day.
  • The busiest times to arrive are between 14.00 and 17.00.
  • The venue is accessible via one hardstring path that runs parallel to the entrance.
  • There is a dedicated accessible wide entry lane.
  • The event site will be well sign posted and stewards in the local vicinity will be able to direct anyone who is finding it difficult to locate the entrance.
  • When you arrive at the site please head to the main entrance, before the lanes there will be stewards who can help direct and escort you to the correct lane.
  • If you have any access requirements to avoid crowds, please contact us and let the staff at the box office know, they will be able to provide some assistance to escort you through the entrance.




  • There are 4 toilet locations on site
  • Each toilet location has 1 accessible toilet except the toilets near the entrance which has two accessible toilets.
  • From each stage there are accessible toilets within a 10m to 50m range

Customers with Medical Requirements

  • We welcome attendees who need to bring medicines, food or drink to manage a medical condition or medical equipment. Please let the security know at the entrance that you have this for medical reasons (food and drink is not allowed normally).
  • Please contact us if you have any concerns.
  • On site we have a medical tent for any incidents and emergencies. We also have a welfare tent and a safe space which has trained professionals who can deal with incidents such as anxiety attacks. 
  • Any of our security or staff will be able to direct you to these tents.

Access to Performance

  • There are no services offered such as loops, intra red or mobile connect systems. 

Assistance Dogs

  • We welcome assistance dogs, please just contact us in advance. We may ask for proof that any dog is registered with an organisation that is a member of Assistance Dogs UK.
  • There is a spending location for assistance dogs

Strobe Lighting

  • There may be some strobe lighting at the event

Other Info

  • There are four main bars at the event 3 of these (Bar 1, Bar 3, and Bar 4) have a lowered counter and large print menus. These are situated at the furthest point on the bar from the nearest stage, where the bar is less busy.
  • If for any reason our accessibility information or services changes, we will notify ticket holders via email and update this page accordingly.
  • Festival staff including SIA Security, stewards and the event management team will be briefed to work with attendees with access requirements in the event of a site evacuation. The event management team will work with attendees to cater for their needs should any other access related issues arise while on site. 

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