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Treat your most headsy friend this Christmas


Xmas Gifts For A Dance Music Fan

Xmas Gifts For A Dance Music Fan

It’s the time of year when we realise that, no matter how well we know someone, buying Christmas presents is a tricky one. We figured many of the GALA faithful have dance music loving friends, boyfriends, girlfriends or family, so we had a think about what clubbing-related goodness we would like to receive ourselves. P.s no Amazon prime business, support local-ish!

“Make Greece Acid Jamaica” Screen Print

An Erol Alkan inside joke, first printed on a postcard which accompanied Alkan’s collaborative record with Switch. No one really knows what it means but it looks cool on your wall. 


Help make a friend go broke by gifting them a turntable and setting them off into one of the most expensive hobbies out there.

Turntable Cheese board 

Want to buy a real turntable for your loved one but don’t have the cheddar? Look no further. This cheese platter is a tasty substitute, and the tone arm even doubles as a slicer.

History of Dance Music Print

Trace the history of dance music, from Paradise Garage through to fabric on this epic acid house roadmap.

Turntable Weights

Make an audiophile friend’s Christmas with this turntable weight. Apply onto a record for best sound response and maximum vibes.

Bass, Mids, Tops book by Joe Muggs

A story of the UK’s evolution from soundsystem culture through many mutations of bass music. Featuring interviews with the likes of Dubmaster Dennis Bovell, Skream, Norman Jay MBE, Adrian Sherwood and Mala.

Life and Death On The New York Dancefloor 1980-83 by Tim Lawrence

A highly recommended read for anyone interested in the legendary years of New York clubbing and the surrounding social issues.

Boy’s Own Productions Book

The original UK dance music zine, compiled into a 440-page, special edition book. A tale of trends, outfits, football, records and era-defining parties.

Pocket sized music equipment

A powerful, pocket sized drum machine / synthesizer for the production nerd or curious enthusiast. 

A Guy Called Gerald Voodoo Ray Print

Holy grail artwork for acid house lovers. 

Eastpak bumbag

Festival essential right here. Never lose your phone, money, keys, earplugs or cigarettes on the dancefloor again, and with Eastpak, you stay looking hella cute.

Fetish Dog Collar

Welcome to the Pleasure Dome….

Mood lighting

Turn your living room into Printworks at the click of a button. Ideal for the amateur DJ who wants to be able to make the room glow when they drop a naughty tune. 

Prince – Sign O’ The Times box set

We weren’t going to put any records on this list, but Prince’s “Sign O The Times” is not just any record. Greatest album ever? It’s surely up there. At £325 this should have you covered for the next birthday and Christmas too. 

Optimo badge

Sew one of these Optimo badges to your clothes to ensure any passing stranger knows you’re a connoisseur of dance music. You’ll be supporting a legendary, Glasgow duo at the same time.   

Actress Bucket Hat Print

One for the true ambient techno head. Ninja Tune and Actress collaboration.

12” x 12” frames

No art on the walls but plenty on the shelves? Make the most of your records’ cover art with a set of frames. Sure fire hit, this one.

A Bandcamp or Patreon subscription

This year especially, lots of artists have set up subscription based labels, tutorials, mix series or general fanzones online. Mosca, Fred P, Mixmaster Morris, Juju & Jordash, Rhythm Section and lots of others all have subscription options which will make a great gift.

Rhythm Section

You can always count on the Rhythm Section crew for fresh clobber. We love this utility vest designed in collab with Dr Banana.

Crack Magazine

Support high-quality, independent journalism by gifting one of Crack Magazine’s 4 Collections mags. Full of great art, writing and interviews. Yes, that is Kylie on the front cover.


Ear plugs

Reliable generic fit or custom. Custom fitted plugs will set you back around £150 but you can’t put a price on healthy hearing.

Fables Bespoke Record Shelves

Sure, IKEA’s Kallax does the job, but if you want to your records to take pride of place in your room, Fables handmade units are a cut above. Don’t watch the price tag!

GALA t shirt

Last but not least, we humbly plug the OG GALA tees… Merry Christmas!

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